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Precise Focus. Pure Light.

A revolutionary breakthrough in display lighting the PL1 is the first light source that delivers full control of the beam colour composition regardless of intensity.

Drawing on technology and specific insight, nurtured and developed, withing the Philips Entertainment group the PL1 LED luminaire meets the everyday challenges of illuminating the world's museums, art galleries and stages. A lighting instrument that extends the creative possibilities with light while significantly reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Quality of Light

Fully tunable high output LED light engine supporting colour temperatures from 3000K to 5600K and full colour mixing with a maximum output similar to that of a 70 watt metal halide powered luminaire.

Warm-white-full Cool-white-full Daylight

Above: Quick selection of Warm White (left), Cool White (centre) and Daylight (right) colour presets simplifies matching existing light sources.

High CRI is maintained down to very low light levels >50 Lux as the integral dimmer (0-100%) reduces intensity with minimal colour shift maintaining the selected colour balance.

At 100% Intensity At 30% Intensity
100percent_intensity 30percent_intensity

Above: There is no "colour shift" when the luminaire is dimmed. The colour, value and saturation all remain the same.

Full colour mixing for creative flexibility in lighting your display - up to six user defined preset states available on the Advanced Remote Control unit.

My brief for the main lighting state was to emulate a photographic studio shoot. Our biggest challenge was achieving the same colour temperature as studio flash lighting, while conveying a theatrical and suitably dramatic style.""The PL1 certainly delivered on its promise. Its fully tuneable, high output, LED light engine can support colour temperatures from 3000K to 5600K, plus full RGB colour mixing. We set the fixtures to 5000k. After that it was simply a case of balancing the levels to achieve the desired effect. We will definitely use the PL1s on all future figure launches. The fact that we can control the fixtures' colour temperature and keep it consistent, even when dimmed, is a real advantage.

Simon Morris, Madame Tussauds' Show Services Manager comments on the use of PL1 LED luminaires for the Lady Gaga wax figure.

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