The PLPROFILE1 is a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam through the combination of LED source technology and precision optical design.

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications


1. Standard units - supplied with a single power cable and DMX in and DMX out sockets.

2. Top Box units - supplied with our intelligent cable management system. The luminaire has a single cable that connects to a yoke mounted top box. The top box has Powercon in and out and DMX in and out sockets which allows for cables to be run and any focus adjustment can be made without impacting on the cabling.

Please refer to the Datasheet for Order Codes.

Source 1 each, true RGBW 120W LED chip
Voltage 100V–240V AC (auto-ranging)
Wattage 150W Max. (RGBW @100%)
Current Draw 1.3A @115V / 0.65A @230V

Maximum 20A Thru Current

The LED Engine The PLPROFILE-1's powerful LED engine offers exceptional performance and life. Under normal operating conditions our LED engine has a life expectancy in excess of 25,000 hours, however under worst case operating conditions with the luminaire set to continuous full output it is possible that a small percentage of LEDs may require replacement sooner. The Philips Selecon three-year limited warranty includes our guarantee against premature failure of the LED engine.
Colours Black or White
Pattern/Gobo Size M - for steel, glass or plastic pattern projection
Weight 8.5kg
Standards Compliance CE Marked
Warranty Three-year Warranty.


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