A general purpose MR16 low voltage spot; a high quality TH replacement for the Aureol Beamspot.



Epoxy paint finishes Architectural White (PANTONE® 11-4800 - Blanc de Blanc) or Matt Charcoal Black.
Barndoor and Snoot - available in black, white or black interior/white exterior.

Beamshaper Accessory - supplied with Philips 7W 3000K MASTERLED lamp

Beamshaper Accessory - supplied with your choice of a 20W CDM, 35W CDM or 50W CDM lamp

Beamshaper Accessory - supplied with GE 50W EXZ lamp


Dichroic colour filters - 50mm / 2-inch round or square.

Coloured glass filters.

UV glass block filter - 50mm / 2-inch square.

Diffusion glass - all 50mm diameter: Prismatic, Medium, Linear Spread, Obscure, Soft and Opal.

Anti-glare honeycomb.



International mounting options Universal three circuit track adapter; ceiling mount rose; flexible mains cable; flexible mains cable with C-clamp.
Certification CE



Recommended Lamps - NB: Lamp is NOT supplied with the Luminaire

- 20W to 50W MR16 Tungsten Halogen or *LED lamp
- 20W CDM-Rm GX10 lamp
- 35W CDM-Rm GX10 lamp
-50W CDM-Rm GX10 lamp

*Philips MASTERLED MR16 lamps recommended.

Dimming performance of LED MR16 lamps can vary greatly on different dimming systems. 100% compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Refer to manufacturers' specifications for LED lamp dimmer loading calculations.


Product Datasheet PDF

Operating Manual PDF

Relating to Track Mounting PDF


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