A sophisticated lighting instrument of timeless appeal with accurate beam shaping, two beam angles ranges, 15°-35° and 25°-50°, and precision projection optics.


Epoxy paint finishes

Architectural White (PANTONE® 11-4800 - Blanc de Blanc) or Matt Charcoal Black.

Beam angle ranges 15°-35°
Pattern size: E
Outside diameter: 37.5cm
Image area: 28mm
To achieve the best results with your E size pattern projection:
- always use black matt finish patterns as these reduce internal light reflections.
- for custom / text logos please ensure the design is inside the 28mm diameter area.
Accessories Colour frame for plastic filters
Diffusion glass - 93mm diameter
U.V. glass filter - 93mm diameter
Glass colour filter - 93mm diameter
Glass dichroic colour filter - 93mm diameter
Philips Selecon allen key hand tool
International mounting options Universal three circuit track adapter; ceiling mount rose; half coupler.
North America mounting options Please consult with our US office regarding all track mount options; unistrut clamp mount.
Dimming of 12V Power Supplies

-220-240V : luminaire includes on board dimmer which can be controlled by high quality architectural control products.

-120V : dimming by high quality architectural control products.

Base Materials Body and Powerbox = Cast Aluminium (CA313)
Certification CE and ETL/cETL

Size and Weight

Weight: 2.56Kg / 5lb 8oz



NOTE: each luminaire is shipped with the appropriate lamp.

Low Voltage Osram Halostar Starlite tungsten halogen 12V - 75W
average life hours = 4,000

Philips Mini-Master  20W CDM:Warm White
average life hours = 12,000
MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini 20W/830 PGJ5 1CT/12 928087905130

Philips Mini-Master  35W CDM:Warm White
average life hours = 12,000
MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini 35W/930 PGJ5 1CT/12 928093905130


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