A general purpose MR16 low voltage spot; the recessed lamp design minimises glare and accessories allow for shaping the beam, colour and animation.



Epoxy paint finishes Architectural White (PANTONE® 11-4800 - Blanc de Blanc) or Matt Charcoal Black.
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Four-flap rotatable barndoor - available in the above colours with the option of internal black surfaces for masking doors. The masking flaps shape the light beam of medium to full flood beam and rotate within the mounting slot to provide the desired masking angle.

Snoot - available in both colours with the option of an integral black finish. Snoots dramatically reduce any glare and are particularly useful in low light conditions where the light source may distract from the display.


Dichroic colour filters - 50mm / 2-inch round or square.

Coloured glass filters.

UV glass block filter - 50mm / 2-inch square.

Diffusion glass - all 50mm diameter: Prismatic, Medium, Linear Spread, Obscure, Soft and Opal.

Anti-glare honeycomb.

International mounting options Universal three circuit track adapter; ceiling mount rose; flexible mains cable; flexible mains cable with C-clamp.
North America mounting options Consult with our US office regarding all track mount options; unistrut clamp mount.

Integral transformer options




  • 220V-240V:
    copper wire wound - 50W maximum
    electronic with voltage regulation - 75W maximum
    electronic with dimmer - 75W maximum
  • 120V:
    copper wire wound - 50W maximum
    electronic with voltage regulation - 50W maximum
    electronic with dimmer - 50W maximum
Certification CE
ETL / cETL listed to UL Standard 1573


Recommended Lamps

MR 16 12V

20W, 50W, 75W


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