220-240V only 1000W cyc / flood range for illuminating cyc and back cloths up to 8m high. Available in single and multiple battens with a choice of cable connectors. Cyc easily converts to a groundrow unit.


The Selecon Cyc and Flood ranges are high performance entertainment luminaires designed for entertainment and studio applications, they are not designed for continuous use as required for a work light or rehearsal light. For these applications please use our Lui Work Light.


Colour frame size 265mm x 203mm
8” x 10 3/8”
Accessories 4-door barndoor, joiner set (2 of) Hui slot locks
Weights Single: 4.1kg / 9lb
3-way batten:  10.7kg / 23lb 5oz
4-way batten:  14kg / 31lb
Certification CE

Performance Data

220V-240V in Lux
Tests conducted using standard R7 189mm double-ended linear lamps: 1000W 240V.

Recommended Lamps

220-240V ONLY 
Lamp socket : R7, 189mm linear halogen lamps
2000hrs average life