MSR; MSD 575W high efficiency, daylight arc lamps for the Pacific ellipsoidal profile range.

Power Supply

  • The electronic power supply complies with EN60922 A1:1992 and is TUV certified.
  • UL listing: the EVG5 (part #: 321841000) and the ignitor HZG5-25 (part #: 320581000) are tested in accordance with UL1950 clause 2.9 and CSA22.2-950.
  • Ignitor distances: though the power supply can be mounted far away from the lamp, the ignitor must be within 2m/6ft of the lamp.
  • Electronic power supply available in a portable housing that can be separately mounted for permanent installations.
  • The power supply box does not necessarily have to be mounted on a luminaire and in the case of a weather-proof enclosure it is recommended that the box be installed in the coolest part of the enclosure.
  • Power supply includes low speed, very low noise fan to ensure that the internal components remain below 80°C.
  • Voltage:
    Start-Up 7.7A
    Running 7A

MSR Lamp Module / Ballast Options

Pacific Hot Restrike MSR lamp module for MSR575 HR lamp; includes ignitor for Selecon electronic ballast and elapsed hour meter.

Pacific lamp module for 575W MSR and MSD lamp; includes ignitor for use with Selecon electronic ballast and elapsed hour meter.
Electronic ballast in portable housing complete with Weiland connectors for use with above lamp modules.
For use with both Hot Restrike and standard lamps. 110V-250V universal supply.
Pacific lamp module for 575W MSR and MSD lamps, requires ignitor and ballast.
NOTE: these do not include the Pacific luminaire, please specify which model you require at the time of ordering.

Recommended Lamps

575W MSR 575HR
750hrs average life
49,000 lumens
575W MSR575/2
700hrs average life
49,000 lumens
575W MSD 575 
2000hrs average life
46,000 lumens