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Around the clock, 24/7 support

You can contact Philips Selecon technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  After normal business hours, our technical support staff remain on duty to support your needs and answer any questions you may have. All Philips Selecon technical support staff can be reached through our North American toll-free number (1.877.827.4548), main number (+1.214.647.7880) or via the any of the contacts below.

North American 

Patrick Hill
Technical Service Manager Tel: (214) 647-7936
Mobile: (214) 418-2650
Fax: (214) 647-8038



Victor Munoz
Technical Service Supervisor Tel: (214) 647-7945
Mobile: (214) 502-0693
Fax: (214) 647-8038


Luis "Ernie" Jaramillo
Senior Technician Tel: (214) 647-7936
Mobile: (214) 403-0263
Fax: (214) 647-8038


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Discontinued Selecon Products

Over the years Philips Selecon has maintained a policy of continuous product development and improvement and as a result some products have been discontinued. We do not wish to cause confusion so please only refer to this support material if you already have the luminaire and require the spare parts / exploded diagrams or product Datasheets. Thank you.

Registering Your Products

Take full advantage of the Philips Selecon service commitment and register all your new Philips Selecon luminaires quickly and easily online for full after-sales support.

Working towards a sustainable future

At Philips Entertainment, we meet the energy efficiency challenge through an integrated product portfolio and by inspiring individuals to make simple changes that can have profound results. We seek to facilitate new solutions for change to drive responsible practices and have long focussed on the energy efficiency of our products and production processes.

Industry Leading 3-year Warranty

All Philips Selecon luminaires are built to last and perform for years to come – robust, dependable, safe and easy to rig; backed by a guarantee that far exceeds that of other manufacturers.