Industry Organisation Affiliations

Philips Selecon both belongs to and supports a large number of theatrical and display lighting industry organisations, find out which ones...

The Philips Entertainment Team

Who's who at Philips Entertainment.

Environmental Statement

At Philips Entertainment, we meet the energy efficiency challenge through an integrated product portfolio and by inspiring individuals to make simple changes that can have profound results. We seek to facilitate new solutions for change to drive responsible practices and have long focused on the energy efficiency of our products and production processes.

Selecon Innovation

Philips Selecon has an unrivalled history as an innovator of optical systems and luminaires. Here are a few of the highlights....


Company History

Philips Selecon always looks to the future, but is also fiercely proud of its history, starting from the company's creation way back in 1969.

Break a Leg!

We love theatre. The only industry where wishing a person good luck is considered bad luck.

From research and development to the factory floor, what drives us is the show. The show is always on. We make light to direct attention, cause an effect, paint a picture and give form to ideas.

Where our light falls experiences are made. For us, backstage has always been centre stage. Here's to the magicians who make theatre happen.

Performance Lighting

Spotlight On...

Pacific CDMs with Dowser solution for the Washington National Cathedral

Technik von Selecon im Einsatz bei der Waldbühne Ahmsen

Selecon proudly supplies over 300 luminaires to the new home of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

Edinburgh Military Tattoo brighter than ever!