Philips Strand System Builder

A simple-to-use software program for creating, documenting and presenting a lighting control and luminaire system tailored by you to meet the requirements of individual theatrical or architectural display projects.

Technical Support

More interesting product related information such as:

  • IES and ILLUMUDAT Data File downloads
  • High resolution photos available for downloading
  • How to create your own low-cost image projections using the Pacific
  • Luminaire Appliance Testing Points (PAT) - where are these on Selecon luminaires
  • Luminaire performance figures and what they actually mean
  • Selecon luminaire pattern sizes
  • Luminaire lens replacements
  • Pacific clearance diagrams
  • Pacific gate temperatures
  • Pacifics in exterior locations
  • Request a catalogue - hard copy or electronic
  • Selecon and Third Party accessories

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Getting Started

This section is for you if you're just starting to think about a theatre lighting package for your stage! From portable workshop to the small or school theatre - here you'll find typical stage lighting equipment kits to suit various types of venues. 

Luminaire Symbols / Technical Drawings / Visio Stencil

Philips Selecon luminaire symbols / technical drawings / Visio stencil files for downloading.

Knowledge Bank

Learn more about:

  • How many gel cuts you'll get from a Selecon luminaire ....
  • "How Bright is Bright" - article series
  • Selecon lens luminaires - the difference between a Fresnel and a PC
  • More about lamps and colour filters
  • More on cyc / flood reflectors
  • The useable properties of light
  • What is a Fresnel? or a PC?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an ellipsoidal or fixed beam zoomspot?
  • What is a cyc / flood / groundrow?
  • What is a followspot?
  • Useful lighting formulas
  • An Introduction to Stage Lighting

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Lighting Calculator





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