alt Affordable, safe and easy to use general-purpose stage light; ideal for small theatre and studio, school hall and drama suite; and display lighting applications.


alt Excellent beam quality with a well-controlled flat even field with a distinct "white-blue" tint and a useful throw distance range of 6-25m / 20-82ft.


alt Unmatched light output and beam control with excellent beam quality from this range of standard 200mm/8-inch or high performance 250mm/10-inch lens luminaires for general long throw lighting applications.


alt Exceptional performance and operational features from a technologically advanced range featuring internal heat management system, Fast Focus Technology option and an 80V energy efficient model.

Rama 175 HP 80V Fresnel

alt Lower voltage 80V 1200W power system with direct DMX control for bright, white light; saturated colours and dramatic energy savings.

Rama LED Fresnel

alt The minimal power consumption and full fixed warm white output results in significant reductions in power consumption over traditional 1.0 / 1.2kW Tungsten Halogen luminaires.

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