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How many gel cuts?

Find out the approximate number of cut pieces of the same size which you can expect from a sheet of Rosco SuperGel / e-Colour / Cinegel...

How Bright is Bright

For the Mike Wood series on "How Bright is Bright?"; learn more about how the human eye sees and perceives brightness, contrast, colour vision etc.

Selecon Lens Luminaires

Lens luminaires are a Fresnel or a PC - which should you choose?

More About Lamps

A general background guide to tungsten halogen filament lamps, the principal light sources for theatre lighting.

Lighting the Cyc

Whether it is depicting the traditional sky and sunset or a backdrop for kaleidoscopic colour mixes a Cyc cloth has to be carefully and precisely lit...

Spotlight On...

Selecon solution for the City of Good Thoughts, Estonia

Pacific lenses and optics offer versatility for Hillsong Church

Rama Fresnels form part of lighting rig at the Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall

LASALLE College of the Arts utilises both theatrical and display lighting from Selecon