Projection, colour and control from discreet, fully recessed projector

The Aureol Recessed BeamShaper places the Beamshaper 26°-50° optics within the ceiling cavity to minimise the visual impact within the space.

All operational features and accessories are as for the standard BeamShaper.



Above: Recessed Aureol installation at the ANA Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. Lighting designer: Stephen Gough (Singapore). 

The Selecon Aureol Recessed BeamShaper fixtures delivered superior performance comparable to other MR16 framing projectors, and the fact that it was available in a fully recessed model made the choice easy.

Michael Stiller, Lighting Designer for the Baxter Healthcare corporate lobby project, Deerfield, IL, USA

Recessed Aureols combine theatrical functionality with discretion for Baxter Healthcare lobby project.

The Selecon difference

Dramatic Highlights and Projections

“It appeared as if the pattern of light was coming from the globe itself creating a great contextual frame for the sculpture. A result that the client hadn’t even imagined.