"The world leader in beam quality." Francis Reid, British lighting designer

Leading Light Output

A top quality PC using the Selecon custom-designed 175mm / 7-inch high performance lens which combines the beam precision of a Zoomspot with the versatility of a Fresnel, "like a profile beam with 114 Hamburg Frost."

The very narrow spot angle of 4.5° provides the output and control for dramatic highlights while the flood angle of 62° provides a wide, well controlled beam with even light distribution.

Energy efficiency, a cleaner edge and brighter, sharper colours...all within a body size that is no larger than that of an industry standard luminaire.

Passion for Performance

Selecon combines passion for performance lighting with skills in technology and engineering, delivering stage lighting tools for everyone.

220-240V: 1000W/1200W
120V: 575W/750W/1000W

...Selecon is about to change the way the U.S. market looks at conventional fixtures. It’s not just one or two new cool things; it’s about 10 unique things that will have the whole industry asking, “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?

Nook Schoenfield, Reviewer for PLSN

Athena House in Estonia joins the growing number of theatres from former Soviet states eager to embrace new technology where Selecon luminaires have been specified and installed.

The Selecon difference

Quality of Light

A larger lens area than our industry standard 150mm/6" lens delivers more light in a 'crisp' beam.

Fast Focus option saves time; records focus positions; enables presetting.