Simple conversion from Cyc to Groundrow

The Lui Groundrow range is the Lui Cyc luminaire inverted to operate from the base of the cyc or back cloth.

What do I have to do?

Simply remove the colour cassette end hinge screw (M6 x 30 Philips head, machine screw) at each end of the luminaire, reverse the cassette and re-attach.

Then fit the adjustable screw feet (you will need to buy the set as an accessory) which allows you to set the angle of the luminaire relative to the cloth or backdrop that you are lighting.

Calculating the Numbers









To calculate the number of luminaires required to achieve even coverage:
S=D x 0.9.

220-240V: 1000W

The Selecon difference

Intense Colour Washes

More light where you want it, with seamless blending of one beam to the next.