The unique optical system of the Pacific range, the world’s first base down axial ellipsoidal provides a powerful, energy efficient beam of light for high quality display lighting

The well-proven CDM-T Elite metal halide lamps are used extensively for high qualiity display and architectural lighting due to their effectivacy, colour rendering and long life.

The CDM lamp module can be powered from our Selecon on-board electronic power supply or by a remote power supply.


70W; 150W
Average life hours: 12,000-15,000hrs
Colour rendering: 90ra

Choose from the extensive range of six Zoom and six Fixed Beam optical systems designed to meet the longest or shortest throw distances.

Mechanical Dimmer

This accessory (pictured in the 3rd tile of The Selecon Difference) can be used with all twelve Pacific optical systems.

To add additional impact to the lighting of their world famous bridges (Bir Hakeim above) which span the Seine River, the City of Paris chose Selecon CDM and MSR luminaires. Housed in custom enclosures mounted discreetly along the banks of the river, the exact control of the light beam ensures only the bridge details are lit without distracting and potentially dangerous glare.

I ear-marked the Pacific CDM fixture to replace existing 750W quartz framing projectors lighting the tubs on the mezzanine level.  At the meeting, with the fixture in hand, I only had to show it to them, and Kohler agreed to purchase a bunch of them based solely on appearance.  Understand that the people seeing the fixture were themselves industrial designers, and the fixture sold itself, without ever having to plug it in.

Steven L. Klein, LC, Klein Howard Lighting, USA

The end result renders the tubs so they appear self-luminous, each uniquely separated and floating on the honey colored wood decking. The fixtures get only warm to the touch after hours of operation.

The Selecon difference

Delivering Low Cost of Ownership

Active Heat Management System removes heat to deliver a cool beam of light, while managing the heat away from the operational controls and critical components such as the lamp, wiring and cabling.