Combining a highly desirable light quality with significant energy savings provides an important new tool for our lighting designers while contributing to reducing the energy demands the industry places on our planet

Selecon's 80V 1200W Power Supplies deliver an intense beam of ‘pure’ white light with the power to cut through the stage picture for dramatic highlights, render saturated colours, or to deliver on those very long throws.

Energy reduction of up to 50% as the 1200W 80V lamp delivers the output of traditional mains voltage 2.5kW / 2.0kW profile in the Pacific range while the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel delivers a beam with the appearance of a 2000W Fresnel.

With their low cost, acceptable colour temperature and ease of control, tungsten filament lamps are the principal light source for the performing stage. The disadvantages of these lamps are inefficiency (typically 25 lumens per watt, compared to 90+ for some discharge lamps); heat and increased air conditioning loads, as well as poor energy generation in the blue-green end of the visible spectrum. The advantages of low voltage lamps - increased efficiency and higher colour temperature - are well proven and extensively used, for example the MR16 / 12V range of architectural display lamps.

The advantages are efficiency, a dramatic reduction in luminaire size and an increase in colour temperature - at 3300K the pure white light ensures vibrant colour and dramatic highlights.

Energy Savings

The 80V Power System delivers a considerable reduction in the energy requirements for major theatres – for example, a front of house lighting bridge equipped with forty 2.5kW profiles.

In addition to the saving on the lighting load is the reduction in the load on the air conditioning plant. Heat from stage luminaires is a sizeable part of auditorium air conditioning loads. The 50%+ reduction in heat load, along with the Pacific’s heat management system which directs more heat out of the beam (less heat in the auditorium stage / audience volume) provides the scope for the air conditioning engineer to make significant reductions in energy costs and system capacity.

Case Studies:

  • Australia's Newcastle Civic Theatre demonstrates theatres can dramatically reduce the energy load of their stage lighting system.
  • The Arcola Theatre in London demonstrates how a very small theatre achieved low energy naturalistic lighting using Selecon Pacific 80Vs, Acclaim Fresnels and Aureol BeamSpots - Ibsen's An Enemy of the People had a peak lighting load of just 5kW.

At the heart of the 80V 1200W Power System are Selecon’s unique power supplies:

1.   DIMMER TO 80V POWER SUPPLY for venues wishing to use existing dimmers to drive their 80V luminaires. The output of a conventional dimmer drives the Power Supply from zero to full in proportion and with similar response to the dimmer output.

Our unique power supply exploits the proven advantages of our latest IGBT technology. The precise control these devices provide deliver on the above specification, including handling the potentially high inrush currents in a secure manner, impossible for triac or similar technology.

The Selecon 80V Power Supply is an electronic transformer tracking the incoming (dimmed) supply to deliver a maximum of 80V at the lamp. Mains supply input 220V-240V to be supplied via a high quality entertainment type dimmer. The transformer output tracks the dimmer output, typically the response delay is as experienced with 2000W mains voltage luminaires.

2.   80V DMX POWER SUPPLY - a DMX-controlled Power Supply which removes the need for a separate dimmer. The Power Supply fits into the standard industry mains power control distribution systems as used for moving lights.

Examples of venues around the world who have recognised and now take advantage of the 80V 1200W Selecon Power Systems:

  • ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, The Edge Auckland, New Zealand (below left: upgraded FOH lighting bridges with seventy Pacific 80V luminaires)
  • Dongguan Grand Theatre, China
  • Roman Amphitheatre & Convention Hall of Macau's Fisherman's Wharf, Macau
  • Athena House, Tartu, Estonia
  • City Theatre of Kokkola, Finland
  • The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, Russia
  • Odessa Opera & Ballet House, Ukraine
  • Royal Opera House, Stockholm, Sweden


As we have a mounting position in the auditorium it was important to us that we use a luminaire with light output like a 2kW profile but which was also of a compact size and operated without fans. The Pacific 80V offers the size of a 1kW luminaire, the same light output as a 2kW profile and works while doing so silently.

Herr Lebensieg, Chief Electrician, Deutches Theater Gottingen, Germany

The Selecon difference

Compact-size luminaires

Delivering a brighter, whiter beam, more vibrant colours, enhanced contrasts with a 40-50% energy saving! Full range of optical systems with the Pacific range plus the Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel.