Leading performance and versatility from a general-purpose zoomspot

A narrow beam angle system in a very compact size Zoomspot luminaire delivering a ‘cool beam’ of light in a beam range adjustable between 14°-35°. Ideal for most medium to large sized venues, the beam range was carefully chosen to minimise wasted light from most longer throw auditorium positions.

At 635mm / 24” long the Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot packs a punch way beyond its size, with the added advantage of using the common B-size pattern / gobo.

High definition image projection is a standard feature with every Pacific Zoomspot... at no additional cost to you.

How does the only ellipsoidal range with an Active Heat Management System work?

The AHMS effectively removes heat from the light beam delivering a cool beam onto performers and the stage area, while managing the heat away from the operational controls and critical components such as the lamp, wiring and cabling.

So, what are the advantages?

  • Cooler operational controls provides quicker focus times even after hours of continuous use;  faster and safer tools to help you in your work.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime as the lamp socket and cabling (the most heat sensitive components) are positioned away from the heat exhaust delivering a lower cost of ownership guaranteed by Selecon's industry-leading 3 year warranty.
  • Do-It-Yourself plastic image projection is another benefit of the world's coolest beam.

Choose the output, life and colour temperature of the light source to suit your needs:

  • Tungsten Halogen Mains Voltage

Suitable for most entertainment lighting applications; the various wattage choices allow for the best mix of output, power consumption and cost.

220-240V: 600W/800W/1000W
120V: 575W/750W/1000W

  • Low Voltage 80V Power Systems

Match or better the light output of traditional 220-240V 2.0/2.5kW luminaires!
Higher colour temperature, a 40%-50% energy saving and a brighter, whiter light.
Click here for further information on both the 80V Power Supply from Dimmer and the 80V Direct to DMX Power Supply.

  • 575W MSR Discharge Arc

An economical, very efficient, high output discharge light source.
Click here for further information.

Other options that you might like to consider:



To maintain the integrity of the restoration the Teatro Colón’s technical people added Selecon Pacific 12º-28º and 14º-35º Zoomspots having proven to be exceptional luminaries with outstanding performance, both optically and mechanically. Compact in size and lightweight, the Pacific is well designed, well constructed, and well suited to the needs of professional theatre lighting.

Antonio Agra, MD, Stage Tech SRL, Argentina

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

The Selecon difference

The World's Most Versatile Ellipsoidal

Modular design with universal lamp house; choice of twelve optical systems and six light sources.

High Definition Patterns

The crisp “white” light beam has little or no distortion which makes it ideal for high contrast pattern projection and precise beam shaping.