When black won't do

Affordable and Easy to Use

Selecon's most popular general-purpose Fresnel is available in a white exterior, high heat coating and interior black finish  - perfect for churches, hotels, meeting rooms and other venues where the traditional black finish may be inappropriate.

Blend / Shape / Soften

The soft-edged Fresnel beam is the one required most often when lighting the stage blending seamlessly together with adjacent beams for even area illumination with no need for the addition of frost filters to soften hard edges or to smooth out irregularities or hot spots.

Passion for Performance

Selecon combines passion for performance lighting with skills in technology and engineering, delivering stage lighting tools for everyone.

220-240V: 300W-650W
120V: 575W-650W


The Acclaim is a good lantern. It won't set the world alight with its innovation (unlike its big brother the Pacific) BUT it has features that make it stand out above the competition.  In particular, the brass bearing on the lens slide, a small point, but very important to anyone who has lost a lamp whilst focusing because of a juddering lens action.

Ian de le Vingne, Sales Manager, Sussex-based Kave Theatre Services

White Acclaim Fresnels a set piece for "Speed the Plow".

The Selecon difference

Safety first!

Simple, common-sense safety features such as automatic mains power isolation via microswitch when opened for relamping - no chance of mounting a lamp into a live socket.