Stage wash to dramatic highlight with one luminaire

Affordable and Easy to Use

Selecon's popular Acclaim Fresnel is a general-purpose stage lens luminaire.

The adjustable beam angle range of 6º to 60º and wide range of available lamps make it the perfect choice for theatre, small studio, school hall and drama suites, and display lighting applications.

A smarter choice than a Par or Fixed Beam due to superior control and light quality.

Blend / Shape / Soften

The soft-edged Fresnel beam is the one required most often when lighting the stage blending seamlessly together with adjacent beams for even area illumination with no need for the addition of frost filters to soften hard edges or to smooth out irregularities or hot spots.

Passion for Performance

Selecon combines passion for performance lighting with skills in technology and engineering, delivering stage lighting tools for everyone.

220-240V: 500W / 650W
120V: 575W / 650W

We chose Selecon because of their compact size; we needed lights with good beam angles because of the low ceiling and Selecon met all our criteria.

Mike Atkinson, Senior Project Manager, National Theatre

A range of Selecon luminaires fitted in the flexible, 100-seat "Loft Theatre" built in the circle foyer of the Lyttleton Theatre.

The Selecon difference

Cool Touch Technology

Innovative design, new materials and passive heat management system deliver cooler focus knobs, front accessory slot access and rear grab handle touch points - no need for gloves or tools!

Safety First!

Simple, common-sense safety features such as automatic mains power isolation via microswitch when opened for relamping - no chance of mounting a lamp into a live socket.