Skai TV lights set with Axial Zoomspots

The image-rich news studios of today make extensive use of large monitors, video walls etc. Lighting the set pieces which surround these screens and the news team without distracting reflections and light interfering with the picture is a major challenge.

Because of the fast set changes involved, Skai TV needed a constantly evolving scenic infrastructure in their Athens studio and turned to London-based ITN Consulting (a division of ITN) for assistance.

Having been previously impressed during a visit to three new BBC studios in London by the ability and ease of altering the beam distribution (peak/flat) and the precise shutter cuts delivered by Acclaim Axial 24º–44º Zoomspots, the ITN technical team chose the same solution for key lighting in the new SKAI News studio in Athens, Greece which was commissioned towards the end of 2006.