What is a Cyc, Flood or Groundrow?

Basically, they are floodlights of the simplest type for the stage, made up of a lamp and reflector inside a ‘box’ which can be panned from side to side, and tilted up and down, to control the direction of the light.

There are no other adjustments which means there is no way to focus the light to control the beam size – the spread of the beam and the subsequent area that it will cover will depend on the distance between the flood and what is being lit.

These luminaires deliver either a fixed beam of light for lighting a cyclorama / backcloth or broad relatively uncontrolled washes of light and come with a colour filter holder for adding gel to.

The beam can be crudely shaped with the aid of a barndoor accessory.

Selecon floodlights rely on precisely shaped reflectors to collect and distribute the light from linear (long lamps for improved horizontal light spread) tungsten halogen lamps. Two shapes of reflectors provide the required beam angles:

Asymmetric or Cyc – used to light the cyclorama or backcloth, an asymmetric reflector directs more light down to produce visually even illumination down the vertical surface.

90° Flood – an even 90° flood of light with minimal spill.

Groundrow – a Cyc fitted with feet that allows it to sit on the ground for when a backcloth needs to be lit from the bottom as well as the top.

Footlights – if groundrows are placed on the downstage edge of the stage and used to light actors from below then they are referred to as ’footlights’.

Floods can be combined during manufacture into 3-way and 4-way compartment luminaires to provide colour mixing possibilities. When these units hang above the stage they are known as battens; when they sit on the front edge of the stage, they are footlights; and when they sit on any other part of the stage floor, they are groundrow.


Q: Which Selecon Cyc/Groundrow or Flood is right for my venue / school / performance space?

• Small to medium size venue – Hui Cyc, Hui Flood, Hui Groundrow
220V-240V : 200W/300W/500W/800W
120V : 200W/300W/500W/800W/1000W

• Mid to large size venue – Lui Cyc, Lui Flood, Lui Groundrow
220V-240V : 1000W
120V : Not available in the Lui range, see Hui.

• Larger stage, studio and concert hall – Aurora Cyc, Aurora Flood or Aurora Groundrow
220V-240V : 625W/1000W/1250W
120V : 500W/1000W

To summarise: floodlights are so unselective that their usefulness lies in the lighting of large areas of scenery such as cloths, skies, borders and backings rather than in lighting acting areas.