Lighting designer for Crime and Punishment delighted with "little Selecon lights"

When renowned French lighting designer Christian Bréan designed the lighting set of Crime et Châtiment (Crime & Punishment) at the Marigny Theatre in Paris, his design required the installation of lights inside the scenery. "The problem with doing that was that the scenery had to be moved between scenes," explained Jean Louis Pernette, MD of AVAB transtechnik, Selecon's dealer in France at the time. "When repositioned it was found that some of the lights had lost position and focus, which of course was completely unacceptable to the designer."

So Christian Bréan tried using Aureol profiles that feature  X-Y, and zoom locking. He tested the Aureol against a number of other manufacturers' products and came out heavily in favour of the Selecon light because of its superior features. 16 Aureols were duly installed and work perfectly throughout the run of the play.

Besides being a top lighting designer, Christian Bréan is technical manager for two major venues in Paris - the Palais de Sport and the Palais de Bercy. More used to dealing with big moving lights in such venues, staging large operatic and musical productions, he was very enthusiastic about his use of the 'little Selecon lights'  as he called them.

Christian Bréan's perfectionist approach to lighting design ensures that every show he designs is lit precisely the way it should be and in this case his choice of Selecon Aureols helped him to maintain these admirable principles. "I'm delighted with the Aureols and their excellent locking device," he said.

Situated on that most famous of Parisian streets, the Champs Elysées, Theatre Marigny was built in 1850 and seats just over 1000. This production was directed by Robert Hossein and starred Francis Huster.


Production Crime et Châtiment
Venue Marigny Theatre
Lighting Designer Christian Bréan
Selecon Dealer AVAB transtechnik France

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