Pacific MSR the perfect solution for "The Blond, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead"

Lighting design for the Auckland Theatre Company production's of ‘The Blond, The Brunette and The Vengeful Redhead’ was created by Phillip Dexter MSc (light and lighting London) utilising a set design that concentrated on the fragmented impressions of the shopping mall.

"From a design angle this meant working with light sources outside the normal for theatre lighting. Over 40 dimming fluorescent tubes were used both as set pieces and for illumination but the opening sequence called for a powerful light source with a colour temperature and characteristic found in modern retail outlets.

These fittings are difficult to control optically and so when we discovered the Selecon Pacific MSR we discovered the perfect solution. It is truly a fantastic combination of state-of-the-art theatre, optical control harnessing an industrial light source. The instant re-strike was particularly useful during plotting and technical rehearsals, as we did not have to wait for the lamp to cool down before running the lighting sequences again.

The appearance of the fitting was rather striking in its polished chrome finish and allowed us to incorporate it as part of the set as well as the lighting design."


Production The Blond, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead
Theatre Company Auckland Theatre Company
Lighting Designer Phillip Dexter MSc

Products used

1 x Pacific 575W MSR

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