Pacifics for Teatro Colón after extensive evaluations

2007 - “…exceptional luminaires with outstanding performance, optically and mechanically …” - just one of the reasons behind the decision to specify and install Selecon Pacific Zoomspots in the Teatro Colón.  Named after Christopher Columbus and declared a National Historical Monument in 1989, this theatre is a significant example of cultural heritage in the City of Buenos Aires, and plays a key role in Argentina’s artistic industry, defining, promoting and projecting national identity throughout the world.

Located on de Julio, the widest street in the world the 2,367-seat Teatro Colón is the second largest performing arts theatre in the southern hemisphere, second only to Australia’s Sydney Opera House. The theatre opened on 25 May 1908 with a performance of Verdi’s Aida and during the twentieth century has deservedly earned the reputation of a world-renowned operatic centre possessing fantastic acoustics and hosting such famous names as Maria Callas, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti as well as other leading stars of opera, ballet and classical music.

On November 1st, 2006, the Teatro Colón closed its doors to the public to start the third and last stage of the US$25million renovations which will be undertaken with a “closed theatre”.

The Third Stage (2006-2007) of the Master Plan for the restoration of this national treasure called for new theatre lighting and following a thorough comparison of available products, Jose Luis Fiorruccio, Stage and Technical Director and Jorge Pérez, Lighting Chief, at the Teatro Colón chose Pacific 12º-28º and Pacific 14º-35º Zoomspot units to be added to the theatre’s lighting inventory. In total, 43 units have been supplied by Stage Tech SRL, the local Selecon distributor. Antonio Agra, Stage Tech SRL’s managing director explains the process and reasoning behind the Pacific’s successful selection for La Sala (the auditorium).

"To maintain the integrity of the restoration the Teatro’s technical people decided to add new luminaries to their inventory and after an evaluation process Selecon Pacific 12º-28º and 14º-35º Zoomspots were chosen proving themselves to be exceptional luminaries with outstanding performance, both optically and mechanically. Compact in size and lightweight, the Pacific is well designed, well constructed, and well suited to the needs of professional theatre lighting.

The modular design that lets the use of different lamps and the interchangeable lens tubes were also important advantages at the final decision.

This installation of Pacifics joins a growing number of prestigious theatres in Buenos Aires such as the Teatro Nacional Cervantes (60 units) and the Teatro El Nacional (170 units) which have all realised the unique modularity, performance and control features offered by this high quality Selecon range."


Client Teatro Colón
Stage & Technical Director Jose Luis Fiorruccio
Lighting Chief Jorge Pérez
Selecon Dealer Stage Tech SRL

Products used

20 x Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot
23 x Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot

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