Acclaim Fresnels for Georgia Childrens' Museum theatre


On the 1st April 2005 the first two floors of the Georgia Children’s Museum were opened in an historic building in Macon, GA. The basement of the museum houses hands-on exhibits so that children can learn about theatre in different cultures with a black box theatre playing center to the exhibits.

Plans were made to layout lighting throughout the first two floors of the museum with the ability to upgrade as additional floors were completed. Barbizon Atlanta’s Systems Integrator, Amy Lee, used WYSIWYG by Cast Software to create renderings of what the completed project would look like. Because of acoustical issues, the black box theatre could have no rigging attached to the ceiling structure. Barbizon turned to Total Structures Inc. who designed a truss system which attached to the walls of the theatre and allowed for a pipe grid to be constructed within the truss members.

The project was turned over to Barbizon’s Project Manager Rob Dillard, who was responsible for insuring the measurements of the space were exact and that the truss would fit once delivered to the space.

The lighting is comprised of a substantial theatrical fixture package which includes a number of Selecon Acclaim Fresnels.

The basement and first floor exhibits are lit with 2-circuit Global track and downlights provided by Electrol Engineering. In addition, Selecon ARDIIS fixtures mounted on track are used to provide highlights and patterns throughout the exhibit areas.

With four additional floors left to renovate, Barbizon provided a complete lighting system which not only serves the immediate needs of the Georgia Children’s Museum, but will also serve its future needs.

Images and background courtesy of Barbizon -



Client Georgia Children’s Museum
Selecon Dealer Barbizon Atlanta
Barbizon Systems Integrator Amy Lee
Barbizon Project Manager Rob Dillard
Truss System Total Structures Inc.
Track and Downlights Electrol Engineering

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