Exterior lighting for Arts Centre show banners


David Campbell, Manager of Theatre Technical Development at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia was part of a team tasked with lighting five show banners located on the exterior wall of Hamer Hall.

The wall is some 10m high and posed problems such as tricky angles and a very short throw distance.

The solution that the team arrived at was the mounting of Selecon Pacific 90 MSR Fixed Beams in purpose built weatherproof cabinets mounted on the level 6 balcony, unseen from the exterior view at a distance of 3.5m away from the wall itself.



Client Hamer Hall
Lighting Designer Rachel Burke (Rachel Burke Lighting Design)
Project Manager Karen McKendrick (the Arts Centre)
Technical Manager David Campbell (the Arts Centre)
Photographer Ian McKenzie (McKenzie and Associates pty ltd)

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