Spiers & Major specify Aureols for IBM

IBM Southbank Offices

2002 -  Selecon's Aureol Beamshaper luminaires specified and installed in key areas of IBM's UK e-Business marketing suite and design studio in London's South Bank to provide special architectural lighting effect.

From past experience, Lighting Designers Spiers & Major, part of the Lighting Architects Group knew that Selecon's Aureol would provide the ideal solution. "We used the Aureols to provide textural lighting, tree pattern effects and as flexible spots in meeting areas," said Project Designer Colin Ball. "While compact in size, the Aureol Beamshaper produces an effect equivalent to much larger lights".

Principal Designer Jonathan Spiers chose Selecon's Aureol for a variety of reasons not least because of its small size and this, combined with the excellent quality of the product, convinced the team at Spears & Major that these were simply the best lights for the job.

IBM were so impressed with the Aureols that they diverted money from another budget to provide extra lighting in their meeting room to project graphics onto the walls instead of fixed artwork.

(Photographs courtesy of Spiers & Major).



Client IBM
Principal Designer Jonathan Spiers
Lighting Design Firm Spiers & Major

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