Aureol BeamShapers perfect fit for Spy Museum


The International Spy Museum opened its doors to the enquiring public in Washington, DC, USA in June of 2002.

Principal Lighting Designer, Ted
Mather specified the Aureol BeamShaper as part of the comprehensive lighting design for what is the largest collection of spy-related artifacts in the world.

The Aureol BeamShaper fixtures are mounted above a diffusion glass panel at the top of a display case. They are used to highlight individual antique radios inside a display case as the audio program cycles through the radios.

Barbizon Capitol installed the lighting systems under the supervision of Mark Fink who comments - "The fixtures' compact size and easy beam shaping made them a perfect fit for this application".



Client International Spy Museum
Principal Lighting Designer Ted Mather
Selecon Dealer Barbizon Capitol
Barbizon Systems Integrator Mark Fink

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