Pacific 90 - pot of gold for rainbow!

“For the production of “Finian’s Rainbow” at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, the appearance of the rainbow on the backdrop was the finale of the show.

The backdrop was about 3’ from the back wall of the theatre so there was not enough depth to rear project the rainbow. Even from the front, with numerous drops and portals, the available hanging positions did not allow clear access to the drop. The only available position was inside the tree, with a throw distance of 8’.

The Selecon Pacific 90º fixture with a 750 watt lamp and a glass pattern was the ideal solution to the problem. The lens projected a rainbow that was about 12’ to 14’ wide with a crisp image and good intensity. The low operating temperature of the fixture was also helpful since actors were required to climb the back of the tree, placing hands within the proximity of the working fixture.

Congratulations to Selecon for the perfect solution to the problem!”

Paul Wonsek
Lighting Designer


Production Finian’s Rainbow
Venue Walnut Street Theatre
Lighting Designer and Photo courtesy of Paul Wonsek

Products used

1 x Pacific 90° Fixed Beam

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