What is a PC?

PC stands for ‘plano-convex’ which describes the lens used in this luminaire. prod-arena-pc.jpgThis type of lens has a smooth surface and outward curve and is used when the beam of light must have a hard or well defined edge.

Plano-convex luminaires use a similar optical system to that of a Fresnel. With a ‘crisp’ beam and less light scatter than the Fresnel the PC provides a wide range of beam angles useful from onstage, side stage and auditorium lighting positions.

The narrow spot achieved with Selecon PCs is near parallel and very efficient, ideal for dramatic highlights while the flood angle (60°) will cover a large stage area from a short throw distance.

The incisive quality of the beam contrasts with the ‘softer’ quality of the Fresnel and can be used for dramatic effect. The addition of a light diffusion (eg Hamburg Frost 114) alters the beam of a PC to that of a Fresnel.

Mid to flood focus beams can be shaped using the barndoor accessory.

pc_clonelight.gifThe beam is a cone of light so the size of your lit area increases as the throw distance from the PC to that area increases. However, the beam angle of this light cone can be altered by a focus knob that changes the distance between the lamp and the lens. As the lamp (with its reflector) is moved towards the lens, the beam becomes wider, and as it moves away from the lens, the beam becomes narrower.

This adjustment is accomplished on Selecon PCs using a unique posi-slide lamp and lens focus system located on the left hand side (looking from the front) of the luminaire using a focus knob which simply slides back and forth.

Q: Which Selecon PC is right for my venue / school / performance space?

Small to medium size venue -
220V-240V : 500W/650W
120V : 500W / 575W / 650W

Mid to large size venue –
RAMA 175mm High Performance PC / 7” High Performance PC 4.5°-62° or RAMA 150mm PC / 6” PC 5°-60°
220V-240V : 1000W/1200W
120V : 750W/1000W

Larger stage, studio and concert hall –
ARENA PC 4.5°-60°
220V-240V : 2000W/2500W
120V : 2000W