State of the art worship facilities at McLean Bible Church

McLean Bible Church is one of the top three largest church construction projects of the new millennium valued at over U.S. 92 million dollars. The new complex features two state of the art worship facilities containing over 3600 seats and performing stages capable of supporting professional productions as well as Sunday worship services. The lighting systems features over 800 circuits, 1,000 linear foot of pipe batten, front light, side light, back light, floor light, as well as a comprehensive moving light package.

With a venue of this size there were significant challenges. The need for tight area control was necessary in order to light intimate settings during one scene and then bring the entire stage to full for a music number while at the same time provide excellent lighting for the digital camera system which is used to place camera shots on the 30-foot screens. The distances from the battens to the stage were also an issue due to high ceilings and the need to maintain excellent lighting angles for front lighting to avoid shadows. McLean Bible Church held a field shoot-out where Selecon was evaluated directly against other leading lighting fixtures. McLean Bible Church selected Selecon's Pacific for all of its performance lighting needs.

The technical director and systems designer, David Schatzman, was very impressed with the flexibility of the Pacific 5.5-13 Zoomspot and Pacific 90° Fixed Beam. The flexibility to light tight areas from well over 50 meters away or as close as 3 meters was unchallenged by any other fixture on the market. The smooth and even light output of the fixtures was very pleasing to the cameras when following actors through areas and during close-up IMAG. The smooth and cool to the touch operator controls makes focusing quick and easy for designers.

The lighting design features over seventy areas with 150x Pacific 5.5-13 Zoomspot fixtures for front lighting the 35 areas on the main stage. The upstage areas feature 200x Pacific 12-28 Zoomspots for 30 areas. Side lighting is made up of over 100x Pacific 12-28 Zoomspots and Pacific 20° Fixed Beams. Accent lighting and specials are set up with the 90° Fixed Beam fixtures. The lighting designers involved continue to be amazed with the flexibility and quality of the Selecon Pacific fixtures.


Client McLean Bible Church
Technical Director & Systems Designer David Schatzman

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