"Mrs Warren's Profession"

The unique image projection capabilities of the Selecon Pacific were well utilised by the creative team involved with the Professional Theatre Training Program at the University of Delaware in their production of Mrs. Warren's Profession.  Pacific 90° Fixed Beams were used to project images created by the Scenic Designer , Fritz Szabo to set each of the scenes.

"The images became such a crucial design element for scenery that had the units not worked so easily (we counted on them) in our system I'd have been "up a creek without a paddle."

Eileen Smitheimer comments, "because of the limitations of such a short throw distance and number of dimmers, these 90° units were imperative to our design. We were all pleased with the ease of use with the units using image pros and surprised how easy we could make changes and make it work within a short period of time."


Client University of Delaware
Scenic Designer Fritz Szabo
Costume Designer Andrea Barrier
Lighting Designer Eileen Smitheimer
Sound Designer Stu Grieve

Products used

2 x Pacific 90° Fixed Beam

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