Dongguan Opera House


These days anyone who plugs in a plug and switches a switch in any theatre, opera house or performance space is mindful of the energy being consumed and the bottom line on the bill that comes in the mail every month. Balancing venue profitability and the spectacular lighting and effects that demanding audiences and performers have come to expect can be a nightmare!

Selecon's Pacific 80V Power System is the result of over three years constant R&D in the challenge to develop better solutions for the entertainment lighting industry. Combining highly desirable light quality (the 80V 1200W lamp delivers as much light on to the stage as a traditional 2.0/2.5kW luminaire) with significant energy savings (as much as 40-50%) provides an important new tool for lighting designers and venues. Take for example, a front of house lighting bridge equipped with forty 2.5kW profiles (100,000W energy consumption) compared to a front of house lighting bridge equipped with forty 80V Pacifics (48,000W energy consumption).

The latest project designers to realise the benefits and advantages in specifying this unique power system were those working on the visually stunning new performing arts complex, the Dongguan Opera House located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Opened in May 2005 this 1600-seat opera house and 400-seat experimental theatre complex is fully equipped with around 480 Selecon performance luminaires including Pacific 5.5-13 Zoomspots with 80V Power Systems, Pacific 12-28 Zoomspots, Pacific 5.5-13 Zoomspots, Pacific 14-35 Zoomspots, Pacific 23-50 Zoomspots plus Acclaims, Arenas, 1200 and Compact luminaires.

In addition to the saving on the lighting load is the reduction in the load on the air conditioning plant. Heat from stage luminaires is a significant part of auditorium air conditioning loads. The 50%+ reduction in heat load, along with the Pacific's heat management system which directs more heat out of the beam (less heat in the auditorium stage/audience volume), provides the scope for the air conditioning engineer to make significant reductions in energy costs and system capacity.

The Pacific 80V Power System - finally there's something that venue management, lighting designers and technicians can agree on.