Flaming effects at the San Rock Art Centre

Selecon 90-degree Pacific fire wash effect

The San Rock Art Interpretation Centre, a Kwazulu Natal Wildlife Trust project in the Drakensberg, South Africa is a high-tech, multimedia tourist destination built on a Heritage site in Didima with the interior designed to resemble a cave, the natural setting of San Rock Art.

In the Auditorium is a marvellous replica of the famous San Rock Art site in the Didima Gorge known as "Bothas Cave". Selecon Pacific 90° Fixed Beams with DHA effects wheels wash the entire cave with a leafy breakup gobo.

Two Selecon Pacific 30° Fixed Beams with fire gobos and DHA effects wheels project a realistic flame image over selected rock faces to enhance the video footage. Selecon Fresnels are used to great effect to wash the rock in a light amber colour and two additional Selecon Pacifics are used to highlight a presenter for speech.