Pacific technology perfect for 'Amor Roma'


Rarely do you get the chance to see a Raphael, a Baglione or a Zampieri these days however should you be passing through Oslo, Norway you should take in "Amor Roma" at the National Gallery where audiences are enthralled at the sight of unique Italian masterpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Lighting designer, Kristian Heder from Selecon dealer, AVAB CAC took up the challenge to solve the problem of how to light these irreplaceable pieces which should never be exposed to heat and UV from any kind of light source.

Kristian's solution was to use 32 x Pacific 14-35 600W luminaires to light each painting individually, one lamp each at 150 lux and diffused with Rosco #114. The opening was attended by the Italian President and the King and Queen of Norway, who along with the art critics embraced the dramatic and theatrical dimension the lighting added to the exhibition.

"The Pacific technology is exactly what museums and galleries are looking for. Lighting with minimum heat and radiation is the number one concern when exhibiting light-sensitive works. And most pieces are just that." Kristian says. "Our experiences with the Pacifics were fantastic, and if we get a unit half the size with a long-life source, then it will most certainly become a must-have for exhibitors throughout the world."

"Rafael" image supplied by Kristian Heder.

Oslo, Norway