Increased output and energy savings for the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham

The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham team is pleased with their choice of Selecon Pacifics which have recently replaced the theatre’s ageing 2K front-of-house profile spots. 30x Pacific 12-28 Zoomspots together with 12x Pacific 5.5-13° Zoomspots each using only 1kW of power replaced 40x 2kW spots.

“The Selecon lamps give a better output and show considerable energy savings,” said Pearse Ellis, the Concert Hall’s Technical Manager. “Everyone is impressed.”

“The theatre tested a number of manufacturers’ lights before finally settling on the Selecon Pacifics,” said Andy Elsegood of Stage Electrics who supplied the rig. “The 5.5° version of the Pacific which produces a particularly bright and narrow beam was found to be particularly useful, and the fact that no other manufacturer makes such a model certainly helped the Concert Hall decide on Selecon. However,” he continued, “the big clincher was the energy saving allied to the increased light output.”

There is one additional bonus according to Elsegood. “The Selecon lights run very cool due to their efficient dissipation of heat through the heat-sink,” he said. “This means less energy is required to keep them cool realising savings in air conditioning costs as well.”


Client Royal Concert Hall Nottingham
Technical Manager Pearse Ellis
Selecon Dealer Stage Electrics
Selecon Dealer Representative Andy Elsegood

Products used

30 x Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot
12 x Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot

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