Pacific MSRs, blue screen and a cougar

Lighting Designer, Christopher Sprague's career has spanned 20 years in various lighting roles ranging from Professional Theatre, head electrician, lighting designer, technical director in major Canadian theatres as well as national touring and concert touring for 13 years.

Recently involved in a television / print commercial for a large national agricultural company involving a blue screen set up of a cougar for superimposing over a plate shot of a wheat field Chris tells us how a Pacific MSR assisted him.

"To light the cougar as if it was sitting in the field we did a couple things. 1:a 12 Kw. HMI fresnel 3/4 back light (sun). 2: A 4 Kw. HMI Par with medium lens was used as an ambient key light on the cat.

This left the task of bringing up the intensity of the blue screen directly behind the cougar. The problem was bring up the level of the screen quite a bit but not hit the cougar. The MSR Pacific with a 90 degree barrel fit the bill. With the ability to be that close to the blue screen shutter cut off the subject and have the intensity to compete with other bigger lights is amazing.

In the just over two months I have had this light it has already been seen in one feature film and three commercials. Once the Directors of Photography see the MSR they want to use it. It is agreed that this is a great tool for the motion picture industry. I have with this unit the 20,30,40,50 and 90 degree options as well as the 1Kw. lamp module. At this rate another MSR will soon be on order!"

The Pacific MSR was supplied to Christopher through Johnson Systems, the Selecon distributor in Calgary.


Lighting Designer Christopher Sprague
Selecon Dealer Johnson Systems

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