Pacifics deliver excellent resolution for the Magna Science Adventure Centre


2001 - The Magna Science Adventure Centre visitor attraction in Rotherham, South Yorkshire is an impressive visitor experience themed to Rotherham’s heritage of the production of steel.

The centrepiece of Magna is named "The Big Melt", a vivid evocation of the steel making process using the latest AV technology, brought stunningly to light by designer Adam Grator from DHA. It’s here that Selecon’s Pacific profile lights are to be found, projecting sharp gobo images to enhance the presentation.

"I use photographic gobos to illustrate the story" explained Grator, "and chose the Pacifics for their throw. It’s the first time I’ve used them, and this is a large space where the ambient light levels can be quite high. I found their resolution to be excellent."

That’s an observation that’s true of the whole installation, simple choices made with careful consideration to produce the perfect effect.


Client Magna Science Adventure Centre
Lighting Designer Adam Grater, DHA

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