Significant Selecon order for Eurogress in Aachen

Eurogress Aachen, a purpose built conference, theatre, exhibition and concert centre in the German town of Aachen, replaced many of its luminaires in two of its theatres using stage lighting from Selecon. The Eurogress Aachen boasts up to 22 conference rooms, theatres and exhibition areas, the largest able to accommodate 1700 people, the smallest a mere 10, with a variety of different sized rooms to fit most requirements.

Through their dealer Lucifer GmbH, Hagen based Selecon Partner RST Distribution GmbH supplied 34x Pacific 12-28° Zoomspots, 20x Pacific 23-50° Zoomspots, 30x Arena High Performance GY16 Fresnels and 20x Arena GY16 PCs.

"This was a significant order by a major player in the multi purpose conference and corporate hire sector," said Christian Pies of RST Distribution. "I've no doubt that this installation will help to raise Selecon's profile in Europe."

Lighting designer and technical director of the Eurogress, Axel Dresbach, installed one set of Pacifics in the 'Brüssel' suite, a room designed to accommodate 350 - 440 people, and the remaining Pacifics and Arenas in the 'Europa' suite one of the largest rooms with a capacity of 1700.

Situated close to the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands, the medieval spa town of Aachen boasts many fine features, not least its famous hot springs which were known in Roman times as well as being the birthplace and burial place of the Emperor Charlemagne. One little known fact about Aachen is its claim to be the centre of the German needle industry.

There's no doubt that the management of Eurogress Aachen are sharp as needles when it comes to choosing Selecon Lighting.


Venue Eurogress Aachen
Lighting Designer & Technical Director Axel Dresbach
Selecon Dealers Lucifer GmbH and RST Distribution GmbH

Products used

34 x Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot
20 x Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot
30 x Arena High Performance Fresnel
20 x Arena 4.5°-60° PC

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