Pacific's cool gate delivers the dog !

Pacific plastic image projection

Using a standard 35mm slide, "Sylvia" appears on stage courtesy of Pacific's cool gate. The Fountainhead Theatre is just one of many schools and theatre groups around the world who are exploring a whole new world of low cost projection using DIY images printed onto transparency film projected by the Pacific luminaire.

"Sylvia" (a dog), is the title character of the play "Sylvia", produced by Fountainhead Theatre, in the McManus Theatre, part of the Grand Theatre, London, Ontario, Canada.

The theatre is small and Karen Crichton, the lighting designer, not wanting to use a slide projector due to fan noise chose a Selecon Pacific 12-28 Zoomspot with a 575W GLC lamp to project the image.

The projection surface is beige factory cotton- a less than ideal surface and the image is a 35mm slide, glass mount, plastic frame- no special preparation.

The slide was held using a "M" sized banjo style holder- shutters were used to frame in around the image. Using a photographic slide allowed the full resolution of the original image to be used, without expensive over sized images having to be made.

Tests were run as high as 70% for extended times with no visible discoloration or damage.


Client Fountainhead Theatre
Lighting Designer Karen Crichton
Venue McManus Theatre
Selecon Dealer Jack Frost Ltd.

Products used

1 x Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot

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