Selecon outperforms competition for Queensland Performing Arts Centre lighting upgrade

In a move being reflected around the world the QPAT technical team chose zoom luminaires in preference to the fixed angle luminaires of old. Part of the Queensland Cultural Centre, located on the South Bank, Brisbane, Australia the Centre comprises four performance areas - the Lyric Theatre, Concert Hall, Optus Playhouse and Cremorne Theatre. Since its opening in 1985, the success of the Centre has been measured by the wide variety of Australian and international performances that have been staged within its walls.

After the completion of the Optus Playhouse in 1998 and it's fitout with Source 4 and Selecon luminaires the age and condition of the luminaire stock in the Lyric and Cremorne Theatres and the Concert Hall became very apparent. QPAC originally intended to start the refit with the Concert Hall and the first sample fixtures (Arena Narrow and Medium Zooms) were supplied for testing in early 1999. Under the guidance of Lighting Director David Schultz and Executive Manager of Technical Services Richard Stuart an ongoing series of luminaire tests took place in all venues throughout 1999 and 2000.

The luminaire upgrade was put to tender in July of 2000 with the bulk of the profile stock being made up of ETC Source 4 along with Selecon Fresnels & PCs. Due to budget issues the Trust only proceeded with followspots and cyc lighting with the bulk of the upgrade held over.

In January of 2001 the Production Shop provided samples of the Pacific 5.5°-13°, 12°-28° and 23°-50° Zoomspots for re-evaluation by QPAC lighting staff. Improvements to the fitting since they first examined the unit included the new rear handle and universal reflector package. On side by side tests against all comers the Pacific outperformed the opposition. Interestingly after all the tests and all the cutting edge technology tested the choice for the Concert hall roof remained the Arena Zoomspot from Selecon proving that good design holds it's value.

The Production Shop, Selecon's dealer in Queensland supplied the equipment list which included - 190x Pacific 5.5-13; 326x Pacific 12-28s; 20x Pacific 23-50s; 8x Pacific 90s; 76x Arena 2.0kW High Performance Fresnels; 29x 1200 High Performance Fresnels; 16x Arena 2.0kW PCs and 36x 1200 High Performance PCs.



Client Queensland Performing Arts Centre
Executive Manager of Technical Services Richard Stuart
Lighting Director David Schultz
Selecon Dealer The Production Shop

Products used

190 x Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot
326 x Pacific 5.5°-13° Zoomspot
20 x Pacific 23°-50° Zoomspot
8 x Pacific 90° Fixed Beam
76 x Arena High Performance Fresnel
16 x Arena 4.5°-60° PC

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