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'Light to make you look'.

Philips Selecon leads in the design, development and manufacture of distinctive entertainment and specialised display luminaires with an unrivalled history of technological innovation. We delight in bringing to our industry versatile, functional lighting instruments which extend the solutions available to designers with higher performance through excellent optical system and product design together with intuitive operational controls and unique safety features.

Philips Selecon guarantees all it's luminaires with a Three Year Warranty; the only luminaire manufacturer with the confidence and commitment to offer a standard extended warranty.


PL Series LED Luminaires


The new PL Series LED luminaire family (PLCYC1, PLCYC2, PLFRESNEL1, PLPROFILE1 and the PLPROFILE4) offers a complete solution for small to medium theatres and studios bringing together proven power and performance of the PL Series LED engine with the leading industry product design you expect from Philips Selecon.

LED Wash Luminaire


The PL3 LED Luminaire delivers clean, colour balanced whites for stage, television and film production along with a range of beautiful colours including subtle tints perfect for any entertainment application.


Lens luminaire with a soft edged variable beam that blends easily with others for even, controlled area illumination.


Lens luminaire delivering a crisp edged beam which adjusts easily from a defined spot for dramatic highlights to flood beam for controlled area illumination.

Ellipsoidal Profiles - Zoomspots

Pacific 12-28 ZS

Variable beam, precise control and shaping of the beam using integral shutter masks. Excellent image pattern projectors.

Ellipsoidal Profiles - Fixed Beams


Fixed beam angle, precise control and shaping of the beam using integral shutter masks. Excellent image pattern projectors.

Cycs, Floods & Groundrows

For colour washes of cycloramas and backcloths; general area illumination.


Moveable spotlight for highlighting performers; requires an operator.

Power Supplies & Dowser

Lower voltage, higher efficiency power supplies; mechanical dimmer for control of discharge light sources; PacificFader from Morpheus Lights.

The Philips ShowLine Range

Philips - Showline is a range of LED luminaires designed for the Entertainment industry providing a strong feature set and rugged construction combined with high performance LED sources. 




The new Accent BeamSpot delivers controlled highlighting and general illumination and is a direct replacement for the discontinued Aureol BeamSpot. Add colour, movement and beam shaping.

High Output LED Spot

A revolutionary breakthrough in display lighting the PL1 is the first light source delivering full control of the beam colour composition regardless of intensity.



The Selecon Display Profile LED delivers high light output and condensor optics which deliver a very flat beam distribution ideal for pattern projection and precise illumination. The Aureol BeamShaper has been discontibued and is effectively replaced by the Accent BeamShaper. The Aureol Recessed BeamShaper remains available.

Wall Washer & Flood Lighting


For a visually even, continuous wash of light with full colour rendering. Wide choice of light sources to meet output, colour quality and energy efficiency performance requirements.

Wing LED WallWasher


The Wing LED Wall Washer range features a unique multi-ellipse asymmetric reflector design combined with the Philips Selecon high performance LED engine to deliver a beautifully blended, homogenous beam of light.

Fresco LED WallWasher


The Fresco LED Wall Washer is a specialist lighting tool for display and commercial lighting applications.

TV and Studio Lighting

Introducing the new Studio Panel - a compact, portable and light weight LED luminaire for studio, location and television lighting.

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