Educating Lighting Designers Forum

15 July 2008,

Selecon was pleased to sponsor Neil Fraser’s guest appearance at a recent Forum in Beijing aimed at developing Lighting Designers which was organised by the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and held prior to the 2008 CALME Trade Show.

With the plethora of both Grand and Civic theatre centres that have either opened or are currently under construction or being planned in China this Forum recognised the future demands to staff these venues and the need for skilled personnel to create new performing arts venues that meet the needs of the Chinese people today, both for the traditional operatic form and to tell their stories in a way that relates and is meaningful to today’s younger audience often making use of western performance skills and technology.

The Lighting Design Education Forum drew the attention of leading industry figures and included participants from the National Academy, the Central Academy in Beijing and the Shanghai Academy. Neil Fraser is the Technical Course Director at the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and his key note address (the highlight of the Forum) introduced the UK training system as practised at R.A.D.A.

Neil commented, “It was a great honour to represent and introduce the concept of Lighting Teaching in the UK and at RADA to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and to do so sponsored by Selecon Lighting. I was especially honoured to be made an Associate Professor of the Chinese Academy and it has inspired me to look for future opportunities for my students to benefit from similar cultural exchange”.