Selecon Dealers turnout in Turnhout

18 June 2008,

Impressive Selecon dealer attendance at Turnhout meeting
Selecon held a European dealer meeting this week in Turnhout, Belgium.  
This city is the home of Philips' MSR/CDM manufacturing plant in Europe which was the venue for this 2-day event.
The focus of the meeting was to, as a group, discuss and understand the subject of Sustainability, the in phrase in the world of carbon and footprint and global warming.

Selecon, as a global player in the world of entertainment lighting has a duty to continue to reduce its impact on the planet. With this as its focus, the meeting looked at actions we take, as a large and disparate group, to help not to damage the environment more than is genuinely possible.

Speakers from ECOTEC consulting, White light and Philips presented information and ideas on this subject for discussion.