Selecon supports light artist Ingo Bracke at the LUMINALE

Rua delivers for light artist Ingo Bracke at the Luminale 

2008 - Held every two years the LUMINALE festival of light in Germany is, in essence a lighting laboratory where innovation and experimentation in art, installations and performance conveying the endless possibilities of light occupy centre stage rather than works of more commercial or generic appeal. in 2008, the world's largest lighting project presented itself in eight locations within the UNESCO Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site to the public and also to the thousands of international industry professionals who were in Frankfurt for the Light+Building Trade Show.

For temporary as well as for performative creative strategies light is an appropriate, effective, readily available and economical medium. For 2008 the LUMINALE takes up all these tendencies in architecture and art and translates them into a festival programme of twenty events stretching from light art projects in Koblenz and Boppard, to the fire spectacular in Bacharach to the cable car illumination in Rüdesheim to the contemplative contributions such as at the Loreley Rock.  

Selecon is extremely proud to have supported light artist Ingo Bracke in the realisation of his interpretive installation „IchWeißNichtWasSollEs“ whereby the famous Loreley Rock was transformed into an artistic experience each night from sunset to midnight (4-13th April 2008) by supplying 2x Pacific 1000W Zoomspots, 8x Pacific MSR 575 Zoomspots, 6 of which are fitted with the mechanical Pacific Dowser dimming accessory and 1x Performer Series Rua model Followspot. 

The preservation of the natural environment surrounding this installation and the 114m (371ft) width of the river were major considerations of the artist and the light output, beam quality and light strength of the Selecon luminaires were deciding factors in the selection of these luminaires to realise the concept of his piece.

Inspired by the words from Heinrich Heine's 1822 poem „The Lore-Ley“ whose first lines read “Ich weis nicht, Was soll les bedeuten” / “I cannot determine the meaning”, Bracke's installation features projected words from the poem and lines onto the natural slate layers of the cliffs. Steeped in history and folklore the Loreley (Lorelei) Rock is situated on the eastern bank of the Rhine near the town of St.Goarshausen. Soaring some 120m (433ft) above the water line this majestic edifice marks the narrowest and most treacherous part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea and is a popular tourist lookout for the amazing views of the town which was settled in the Middle Ages to save shipwrecked mariners and nurse them back to health, its Fortress Rheinfels and the Castle Katz.

And, for ten days in April Loreley Rock commanded the attention and gaze of thousands of night time visitors all determining their own interpretation of Ingo Bracke's vision.