Selecon & Rosco Raising the Profile of Image Projection

06 November 2007,

Selecon recently held a series of workshops in the Baltic States and Spain on how to use Selecon products and Rosco gobos and special glass effects as well as the unique and cost-saving do-it-yourself plastic image capability of the Selecon Pacific range to Mark Burlace & Margie Heymannfine tune the art of creating projected imaging.

Led by Mike Goldberg, Selecon's European sales director together with Mark Burlace (centre), technical director of the Edinburgh Festival venues and associate director of the Auckland Festival in New Zealand and Margie Heymann (right) of Rosco Italy language barriers were quickly overcome with keen interest from attending theatre lighting colleagues and the professional hands on format of the presentations.

Having worked on festivals in venues all over the world for several years, Mark’s comprehensive product knowledge provided those present with a better idea of how to use lighting and effects in any size venue whilst Margie Heymann presented an interesting view of the use of gobos, and the Selecon workshopcollection of effects disk that Rosco currently produce.

These workshops took place in Riga, Latvia in partnership with ‘SGS Sistemas’ ltd; Vilnius, Lithuania in partnership with Audiotonas; Barcelona and Madrid during October.