Acclaim Axial flexibility at the Thailand Creative & Design Centre

Thailand Creative and Design Centre 

Asia's first design learning and resource facility, the Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC), was established to foster the country's creativity and inspire innovative ideas among design professionals and entrepreneurs.

The 4,490 square metre TCDC is located on the sixth floor of the Emporium Shopping Complex, and houses state-of-the-art facilities like the largest design library in Asia with over 15,000 design books, related publications, as well as a large selection of films, video and other multimedia work, a 130-seat convention facility, a creative space for new generation designers to display their work at no expense, a shop and a restaurant.

The TCDC has two gallery spaces, one a permanent exhibition that provides basic design knowledge from all over the world and leading design centres, and the other, Gallery 2, touring exhibitions hosted by TCDC in cooperation with the worlds great museums and design institutes.

With no two exhibitions alike, the temporary exhibition space required fixtures that were flexible, and able to deliver the precise control necessary to illuminate the touring pieces in the exhibitions. A vital consideration, as the often delicate items on display require special treatment to avoid irreversible damage! 

Over 70 Selecon Acclaim Axial Zoomspots were chosen for the Gallery 2 space, with the flexibility of the zoom, ease of focus, and consistent control over the light distribution being key considerations.

The luminaires were supplied with irises and apertures, as the fixtures are often used to light very small items, with the beam diameter needing to be as small as 10cm from a throw distance of 5 metres!

The Axial units are in continuous use, and have been used since the gallery opened last year. Some of the exhibitions in the Gallery during that that time include a Vivienne Westwood Retrospective from the Victoria & Albert Museum, DNA of Japanese Design: a showcase of how Japan's unique culture has influenced their designers, an Isan Retrospective: an exhibition showing how this region has influenced the Thai Culture.