Selecon solution for the City of Good Thoughts, Estonia

Athena House in Estonia

History will show that the city of Tartu, otherwise known as the City of Good Thoughts had a very good thought the day the decision was made to authentically restore Athena House to its pre-Soviet glory.

Estonia’s second largest city, located on the banks of the River Emajõgi has more than 700 cultural events take place over the summer with 36 museums and galleries, and over 30 nightclubs and bars opening their doors to welcome the public.

Although the renovations to the Athena Conference and Incentive Centre are yet to be fully realised, the venue is completely booked up for the next year with cultural event and conference organisers eager to take advantage of the state of the art in-house theatrical lighting, sound and video equipment on offer, not to mention the specialist staff on hand to operate it all.

Athena has two theatres, the first holds 275 seated; and if all the seats are removed this increases to a 700-person limit. The second is black-box style seating 150 patrons.

Lighting equipment for both theatres includes over 150 Selecon luminaires including Rama 175 High Performance PCs with Fast Focus Technology yokes, Arena 2kW PCs, white Acclaim Axial 18º -34º Zoomspots, Pacific 12º-28º and 23º-50º Zoomspots with 80V 1200W power systems, Pacific Followspots with 80V 1200W power systems, Acclaim Fresnels and PCs, Acclaim Axial 24º -44º Zoomspots, Pacific 45º -75º Zoomspots and Hui 800W Cycs.

All Selecon luminaires supplied to Athena House by Kalle Karindi of "OÜ Focuspoint", who has also supplied the photographs.

Athena joins the growing number of theatres from former Soviet states eager to embrace new technology where Selecon luminaires have been specified and installed including the Pyramid of Peace, Astana, Kazakhstan; the Odessa Opera and Ballet House, Ukraine; the Opera House in Novosibirsk, the Maly and Bolshoi Theatres in Moscow and the Mariinsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia.