Re-modelled Acclaims

14 June 2007,

June 2007 - new model Acclaim FresnelA change may be as good as a holiday but the Selecon Acclaim Fresnel and PC decided they’d prefer to be freshened up with an improved standard of operator ease and safety, integrated safety bond and moulded engineering plastics rather than spend a week in the Maldives sun.

As a result of this re-model Selecon is very pleased to be introducing the new-look Acclaim Fresnel (6°-60°) and Acclaim PC (4.5°-64°) which blend all the great features of the original 650W lens luminaires together with new design solutions, similar to those of Selecon’s more recent and very popular Rama range.

Just one of the new design featLift the locked cover to mount the colour frame, safety mesh, and barndoorures is heat management -  the implementation of new engineering plastics for the front and rear mouldings and the operational knobs allows for fast and safe focusing using the large rear grab handle and heat protected focus knob and accessories access, without the need for gloves.

The new Acclaim luminaires ensure full compliance with European Standards for safe and reliable operation in any venue – CE marked for use by all, not just professionals only, plus: Integrated safety bond

 • Integrated safety bond, rated for the fitting.

• Improved filter life through increased airflow across the filter.

• Little light leak around the filter holder.

• Smooth judder free slide focus action.

• The same dependability and low maintenance delivered by all Selecon luminaires, the safety micro-switch and the isolation of electrical terminal connections from the heat to maximise component life.easy access to lamp 

 • Yoke adjustable along the luminaire body.

• Side opening access for re-lamping, with ejector socket for quick, easy and safe lamp removal.

• Automatic mains power disconnection on opening the luminaire.

heat-insulated rear grab handle• Large heat-insulated rear grab handle that doubles as a handy cable wrap when the luminaire is not in use.

• Delivers the same optical performance.

• Uses the same colour frame size with all accessories interchangeable with the earlier models.

When introduced over ten years ago the original Acclaim Fresnel and PC created the benchmark for 500W / 650W luminaires. The Selecon team is confident that these re-designed products will continue this proud tradition of innovation; performance and excellent value for money for professionals, community and school technicians around the world.

These robust, dependable, safe and easy to rig stage lighting workhorses are backed by the unique Selecon 3-year warranty for entertainment luminaires.

June 2007 - new model Acclaim barndoor accessoryA subsequent product re-design has resulted in a more user-friendly Acclaim barndoor accessory. A moulded back frame which rotates inside colour frame runners holds the four masking flaps using a hinge tension design similar to that of the Rama barndoor.

This new barndoor is retro-fittable to existing Acclaim Fresnels and PCs.